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Cardiology (Non-Invasive) #Cardiology (Non-Invasive)

Welcome to the Cardiology Department at our Multispeciality Hospital in Greater Noida. We are committed to providing high-quality healthcare services to our patients with a focus on precise diagnosis and professional treatment. Our experienced doctors specialize in cardiac bypass surgery, interventional cardiology, invasive surgery, and non-invasive cardiology.

Cardiovascular diseases can have a significant impact on one's health. Here are a few conditions you should be aware of:

Angina: Angina is a condition characterized by chest pain or discomfort caused by reduced blood flow to the heart muscles.

Heart Failure: Heart failure occurs when the heart's ability to pump blood is compromised, leading to fluid buildup and insufficient oxygen supply to the body's organs.

Heart Attack: A heart attack happens when there is a blockage in the coronary arteries, cutting off blood supply to the heart, which can result in damage to the heart muscle.

Arrhythmia: Arrhythmia refers to irregular heart rhythms, which can include a heartbeat that is too fast, too slow, or irregular in pattern.

At our hospital, we prioritize providing accessible and affordable healthcare services in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. With our qualified doctors and advanced machines, we ensure quality treatment and accurate diagnosis. We offer comprehensive healthcare services, including emergency caresurgical procedures, and specialized units like Neonatal ICU and pediatric services.

As a leading healthcare institute, we are dedicated to integrated healthcare, combining expertise, kindness, and integrity in our approach. Our goal is to be the best healthcare facility in Greater Noida, offering advanced diagnostic machinesquality healthcare, and a range of services for patients of all ages.

If you require immediate medical attention, our emergency room is equipped to handle critical cases, and our surgical services provide necessary interventions. We also have a dispensary nearby for your convenience.

When it comes to your health, you deserve the best. Visit our Multispeciality Hospital in Greater Noida, where we prioritize your well-being and provide comprehensive healthcare services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced doctors.


Few cardiovascular diseases people should know about:






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Promhex a multi-speciality hospital has a strong presence in Greater Noida. We have the best team of doctors and staff here, who believe in providing best healthcare services at affordable cost.

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