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On a major level Indian ladies suffer from the problem of Gynecological malignancies. On time cure of these cancers is essential. In PROMHEX doctors provide complete advance treatment of genital malignancies. We cover services like Secondary cytoreduction, Interval cytoreduction, ovarian cytoreduction, Radical Vulvectomy, Radical Hysterectomy, VEIL, HIPEC, Robotic Hysterectomy. Obstetrics basically manages dealing with pregnant ladies, unborn infant, work, conveyance and the quick time frame following labor. An obstetrician ensures that both mother and kid get the best care and work and conveyance are proficient without confronting any confusions. Majority of gynecologists are obstetricians, but the field of gynecology underscores on every other part of a female's conceptive wellbeing from the earliest starting point of adolescence through menopause and even past that. Gynecology manages any condition identified with the regenerative organs, for example, the uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina, and ovaries. It is a medicinal field related with the study of propagation framework and includes diverse periods of a lady's life like pre-adulthood, proliferation, menopause and even past that.


Our Gynecology department is one of the best. It standout amongst other maternity healing facilities which offer the best care to ladies looking for gynecological help. Our expansive range of administrations incorporates juvenile wellbeing program, assumption directing, reproductive drug, pre-natal classes, preventive wellbeing program, high-hazard pregnancy mind, prophylactic pharmaceutical, IVF program, menopausal care, helped origination and fruitlessness arrangements.


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Promhex a multi-speciality hospital has a strong presence in Greater Noida. We have the best team of doctors and staff here, who believe in providing best healthcare services at affordable cost.

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