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ENT - EAR NOSE Throat #EAR #nose #throat

Experienced and highly skilled doctors efficiently use the latest technology to perform endoscopic nasal surgeries, ear and cochlear implant. We provide a cure for ear, throat, and nose conditions. The solution for hearing and deafness, ringing in the ears, cancer of the ENT are also available. The team of doctors keeps themselves updated with the latest technology and very well knows how to use them.

Ear DEPARTMENT #eardepartment

Deafness is where the capacity to detect certain sound frequencies is somewhat or totally weakened. A person may need to see an ENT specialist if they are experiencing partial or full deafness. Moreover, an ear problem such as an ear infection, hearing impairment, diseases that affect balance, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or pain in the ear are also treated by an ENT. The specialists in our ENT hospital specialize in performing Cochlear Implant (CI) Surgeries on patients who are significantly deaf or in need of a hearing aid. Cochlear Implants are mainly designed to mimic natural hearing. Often referred to as a bionic ear, it works by using special technologies that simulate the non-working parts in the ear.


Hearing Impedance

Bionic Ear


Nose treatment #nosetreatment

ENT specialists manage and treat issues that affect the nose, sinuses, and nasal cavity. These problems can affect breathing, cause loss of smell, and also change the physical appearance.


Nasal Cavity

Loss of Smell

Influence Breathing

Throat treatment #throattreatment

Disorders that affect the throat can disrupt speech, eating, digestion, swallowing, and singing. ENT specialists can identify, manage, and treat such issues.


Eating Issues

Singing Issues


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Promhex a multi-speciality hospital has a strong presence in Greater Noida. We have the best team of doctors and staff here, who believe in providing best healthcare services at affordable cost.

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